44.07685 North (44°  4' 36.66" North)
70.26235 West (70° 15' 44.46" West)
geomagnetic declination 15.18° West
elevation 237 feet (72 meters)
maidenhead grid square FN44ub 88MK
KE6PIJ is a service mark for Paul N. Leonard Paul N. Leonard
Auburn, ME 04210
Androscoggin County
United States

My Amateur Radio Station


My current station consists of a Yaesu FT-920 HF transceiver feeding an 80m and 40m dipole less than 2m above the ground. As an NVIS antenna it performs quite well and has made contacts throughout New England. The transceiver is powered by an Astron RS-20A 12V power supply.


VHF/UHF is currently supported in two ways. The first is with a Yaesu FT-817 feeding an Arrow 2m/70cm J-Pole. This configuration hits the local repeater quite nicely since the repeater is only 1.5 miles away.

The second configuration is using the same antenna, but the rig is a Kenwood TS-730. This is a nice high powered mobile rig that makes simplex possible over quite a wide area. This rig needs a new knob and is a bit outdated, but it's ease of use and wonderful features makes it a favorite of mine and its hard to replace it.

Power is currently using a 3A Radio Shack 138V power supply but there is an Astron RS-35A that will eventually replace this once a power distribution system gets put in place.


Digital modes are used via aucustic interfacing my rigs to the sound card in a desktop or laptop running Linux. While not ideal, it is functional until a better solution can be wired up. NBEMS is the core of my digital cofiguration.


The HF antenna was a quick solution to Kid's Day. It stayed up when the snow started falling, and since the weather never took it down, I've kept using it. Now that the snow is melting, more permanent solutions are being explored with implementation waiting until Spring has cleared the ground.

The arrow J-Pole will move to the attic along with a beam for using the repeater at low power. The plan is to obtain a higher gain colinear vertical for 2m/70cm for use on simplex or remote repeaters.

The attic is going to be home for quite a few antennas. At some point, a tower will enter the property as well as supports for longer dipoles.

Operating Desk

An area of the basement has been set aside for the station. Currently an old desk is being used for the rigs and power supplies but new benches are being constructed and will soon replace the desk.

The PC that was going to be used for digital mode is going to need replacing or retrofitting because it emits unaccetable levels of RF noise in the HF bands.

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